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There are plenty of wonderful people working behind the scenes to help this network operate, but the core team is:

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  • Lauren Pulling, Publisher at Future Science Group and Programme Manager at The Drake Foundation ( Lauren is Publisher at Future Science Group, managing their digital publications across a range of medical and scientific subject areas, including neuroscience and concussion. Lauren is also the Program Manager at The Drake Foundation, bringing together her passions for neuroscience and football, and oversees the Foundation’s research funding, governance, and strategy. If you have any questions about The Drake Foundation, Lauren is the person to chat to.
  • James JP Drake, Chairman of The Drake Foundation. James launched The Drake Foundation in 2014 and has been proud to champion it ever since.
    In addition to The Drake Foundation, James is the Founder and Chairman of Future Science Group, an innovative publisher that focuses on breakthrough medical, biotechnological and scientific research. To discover more about James and his other philanthropy programmes, please visit

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